Astro Adhesives

Bottle Labeling

Consumers are demanding greater convenience, specialized new products, and more functional packaging.  Manufacturers are responding by utilizing different materials, shapes, surface treatments and graphics to differentiate their products.  With the explosion of new packages, the package label has been a key component and often the most cost-effective way to make a product stand out.
Astro Packaging works closely with packagers to formulate adhesives that support industry requirements such as UV curing or ice-proof within 24 hours.  We offer a full range of water-based and hot melt adhesives for film, paper, and metallized paper labels for all types of industrial labeling equipment.
Astro Packaging offers a full range of water-based and hot melt bottle labeling adhesives that deliver reliable bonds even under extreme conditions.  The quality on your bottle should match the quality within.

CLARITY Advanced Container Labeling Adhesives