Astro Adhesives

Case & Carton Sealing

Packaging lines are running faster and more efficiently than ever before.  Yet, the pressure is still on to improve the quality and efficiency of packaging operations.  Consumers are demanding greater convenience and environmentally freindly packaging.  Astro Packaging has responded with leading-edge, trouble-free adhesive technologies that form and seal cases, cartons and trays with better bonding using less adhesive.  Our complete product line has the breadth and depth to handle nearly every conceivable stubstrate, machine and line speed.
Folding Carton Sealing
Corrugated Container Closure
Tray Forming
 Pallet Stabilization
                                    Specialty Applications
Astro Packaging is also a leading manufacturer of hot melt equipment and can support all your equipment needs with one phone call to our friendly customer service staff at 1-800-642-7876. WHEN EXPERIENCE COUNTS.....COUNT ON US!!!!  Call 1-800-642-7876 or visit on the web at