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Astro Packaging carries a full line of adhesives for your Citrus Packing application.  Adhesives from H.B. Fuller®, Forbo®, Bostik®, Henkel® and other manufacturers are on our floor ready for immediate shipment/delivery.  Call one of our adhesive specialists at 1-800-642-7876 to discuss you specific needs.  WHEN EXPERIENCE COUNTS......COUNT ON ASTRO PACKAGING!!!!  Visit our equipment website at for information on dispensing equipment. We are one of the largest manufacturers of hotmelt equipment in the U.S.
We have the capabilities to custom formulate your adhesive needs, even if it is adding a tint, dye, optical indicator, or simply adjusting the viscosity. If you want it packaged in a 2 gram tube or a tote, just ask. When calling us, you are greeted by a live person, and we can have a technical person answer your inquiry within 24 hours. Our hot melt glue sticks are ideal for packaging, woodworking, printing and general assembly.  We also suggest using hot melt glue sticks for high strength adhesive which has long open time and good delivery rate. Good adhesion to metals, plastics, ceramics and other non-porous substances. Exhibits good resistance to shock at both low and ambient temperatures.

Our adhesives are:
  • Low cost hot melt glue sticks assembly systems
  • Nozzles for glue guns and glue gun dispensers
  • Adhesive calculation table
We suggest using hot melt glue sticks for packaging adhesive with excellent hot tack, short open time and good delivery rate. Good adhesion to plain and some coated corrugated packaging and paper products as well as foam. Some of the things that make us stand out is our knowledge of Mil-Spec & UL Materials, medical adhesives that are USP Class VI approved and FDA approved adhesives for direct or indirect food contact.  Formulas include EVA, polyamide, polyester and flame retardant. Other glue stick types include food packaging FDA & USDA approved, clear, low melt, and glitter sticks. Glue sticks are available in sizes 5/16" to 2" dia. Handheld glue guns are also available. If you’d like to learn more about Astro Packaging, our philosophy, our adhesives, or our green adhesives, please call us at1-800-642-7876 or fill out our Contact form.


Citrus Packing Lines:
  • tthree packing lines in the company's complex near Alexandria for selecting, waxing, sizing and packing citrus fruits with a total capacity of 100 tons/hr combined.
  • our packing lines, ensuring for every single Orange a delicate and soft handling till it's loaded.
  • installed the latest automatic palletizes in every packing line and self glue cartons machines for automatic forming of machines.
  • full maintenance plan is designed for every packing line separately, EU experts are involved and updating year after year with their latest innovation in the industry.
  • being a market driven company, its first two degreening rooms in 2002, now after its success, we have four degreening rooms in our packing houses.
  • we carefully adapted all our operations to fully comply and to keep our environment, along with a hygiene plan that is strictly followed by all company's management and labors.
Citrus packer reduces palletizing cost with hot melt glue system. (ViSta Packing Co.)
Article from: Material Handling Engineering | May 1, 1991

A combination of high-volume output and attention to quality has made ViSta Packing Company one of the leading citrus packing houses in Florida. Based in Fort Pierce, the company shipped nearly 1.3 million boxes of grapefruit, oranges, tangelos and tangerine during the 1990 season, raising ViSta's ranking to the fourth largest packing house in Florida.

The ability to offer premium products has allowed the company to attract international buyers, with 80 percent of its shipments being exported to Europe and Japan. To meet the increased demand, ViSta opened its second packing shed in September 1989. At that time, the company reviewed its material handling processes.

"We took a look at how the other local packing houses were palletizing," says Don Ivey, packing house manager, "and noticed that they were using hot melt systems vor unitizing pallet loads." ViSta had been using three bands of polyester strapping to contain each load of 63 cases (4/5-bushel telescoping boxes).

Ivey was attracted to the potential material savings due to the high cost of strapping and to automation. The hot melt system also fits directly on the production line. After trial tests, two systems were purchased, one for each packing house.

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  • Packaging
  • Product Assembly
  • Low Temp Packaging
  • Polyamide
  • Pressure Sensitive
  • PUR
  • Water-Based Adhesives
  • Lap Glue
  • Flexo Folding Adhesive
  • Metallocine
  • Metallocine Hybrid
  • Polyethylene
  • Freezer Grade Adhesive
  • High Heat Resistant