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Corrugated lines are running faster than ever before, but strong competition continues to drive the ongoing search for increased production efficiencies and lower costs. Our product lines have the breadth and depth to meet your needs precisely, and our team of dedicated experts will work with you in partnership as you optimize your corrugated operations and drive towards sustainability. 
Customers are expecting higher quality finishes, while a growing consumer requirement for environmentally friendly packaging has brought a range of more demanding substrates to the corrugated industry. Maximize your corrugated container production with customized corrugating adhesive solutions. Our team members help you achieve optimum performance and board production on all types of corrugating equipment.
Astro Packaging has a full range of leading-edge technologies for Glued Lap, Laminating and Corrugated Starch Additives.  Astro Packaging offers proactive technical support and a full range of innovative corrugated solutions that can improve the quality. Let us analyze your individual situation and provide solutions to your corrugated bonding concerns.


Optimize your operations with the help of our dedicated team of experts, focused on your corrugated needs. Our leading-edge adhesive technologies for glued lap, laminating and corrugated starch additives provide the breadth and depth required to address your toughest challenges. Compared to solid gaskets, Astro Packaging cuts direct labor costs, minimizes waste and scrap generation, reduces material costs per part, and improves robustness with solvents, paints and temperature changes. Astro Packaging is available in a range of technologies, including styrenic block copolymers, polyolefin and polyurethane. It can be applied by hand-assist or programmable automated equipment for added flexibility.

Our innovative foam-in-place flexible gasket sealant goes in the exact  right place with minimal waste and superior high-temperature residual resistance. Astro Packaging has the products, expertise and uncompromising support to provide solutions to your toughest performance, quality and service challenges.  Versatile and powerful, it easily adheres around curves and edges, adapting perfectly to any size or shape. It also adheres to a variety of substrates, including glass, wood, plastic and metal.


Glued Lap - Astro Packaging offers a comprehensive range of water-based adhesives for glued lap applications. These products come in a variety of viscosities for use with wheel, contact and non-contact extrusion application equipment. These adhesives offer excellent wet tack, fast speed of set and water resistance to help your line run at optimum speed. Products are also designed to strongly adhere to a wide variety of substrates, including difficult-to-bond corrugated coatings.
Single Face Laminating - Single face laminating is the process of bonding a litho label or preprinted sheet to the flute tips of single face corrugated paperboard by roller application. We produce a versatile array of water-based adhesives for this process, with high wet tack and fast setting capabilities. In particular our range of advanced foaming adhesives is specially designed to maximize the benefits of the foaming process. This product range offers improved mileage and excellent lay flat properties. By exposing the corrugated to less water, a smooth, warp-free, premium quality, finish is assured. Lay Flat Litho Laminating is also available.
Bulk Box Laminating - Our bulk box laminating products provide the robust performance you require when bonding two or mor layers of corrugated paperboard for bulk containers. Our fast-setting water based products offer excellent wet tack to hold multiple layers of corrugated in place as the box undergoes compression. Astro Packaging offers adhesives for both extrusion and roll coating applications. Products are also available for bulk box manufacturing processes and these offer improved adhesive mileage, while maintaining adhesion and bond strength.
Starch Additives - Astro Packaging supplies innovative water proofing resins and specialty additives to greatly enhance the capabilities of corrugating starch adhesive. Patented technology ensures outstanding performance, with additives designed to improve water resistance, promote maximum running speeds and enhance the quality of the finished product. Our newest liquid starch additive, combines the benefits of our  waterproofing resins and performance enhancers into one easy-to-use product, allowing manufacturers with single-addition equipment to take advantage of multiple additives.

Commerical Water-based Adhesives - Specially formulated with custom specifications to meet the needs of your converting technology and substrates. Our adhesive systems utilize the newest and innovative materials in order to optimize your productivity, cost-effectiveness and Packaging quality.
Additional applications include, but not limited to:
  • corrugated box and carton assembly
  • litho lay flat lamination
  • tube winding
  • mutliwall bags construction and sealing
  • corrugated starch additives
  • general assembly and other applications


Astro Packaging is a hot-melt adhesive specifically developed for automated gasketing and sealing systems. It provides excellent adhesion to the glass and plastics typically used in corrugated and foam applications. Astro Packaging is ideally suited as a backbedding and perimeter sealing compound in the manufacture of corrugated and foam units. Adhesives have been in use for many years in the foam-processing industry and furniture upholstery businesses. The unique characteristic of these adhesives is that immediately upon application they become strongly adhesive and therefore enable simple and immediate pressure bonding to be achieved.

Environmentally friendly - In the past these industries mostly used adhesives that were based on (harmful) volatile organic solvents. In more recent years, however, there has been a great deal of discussion about the use of these volatile organic compounds (VOCs), because repeated exposure to them is harmful to people’s health and to the environment. As a specialist in the area of adhesives for the foam-processing industry Astro Packaging has developed a range of environmentally friendly, VOC-free and low-VOC adhesives that meet modern-day requirements.
Range - Because the use of VOC-free and low-VOC adhesives is not always without problems, the industry still continues to make frequent use of adhesives that are high in VOCs. For this reason Astro Packaging offers a complete range of sprayable adhesives, some of which contain no VOCs while others are low or high in VOCs. These adhesives are widely valued for their reliable quality and excellent universal application properties.

Neoprene (high in VOCs) - Where adhesive bonding is needed that has to meet the highest requirements with regard to heat resistance (e.g. in the automobile industry) it is not uncommon to use neoprene in adhesives. Neoprene is another name for polychloroprene rubber. The chemical nature of this rubber gives it a kind of network structure which makes it able to withstand high temperatures (around 100°C).

SBR (either high or low in VOCs) - Adhesives with an SBR (styrene butadine rubber) base are adhesives that can be used for any application and in many cases require only a one-sided application. The adhesives are available with a flammable or non-flammable solvent base. SBR is a styrene and butadine-based copolymer. Unlike neoprene this synthetic rubber has no network structure, causing it to be less able to withstand high temperatures. In spite of this, SBR adhesives can be used with temperatures of up to 50 or 60°C, and this amply meets the current bonding requirements of the furniture industry.

Water-based adhesives (contain no VOCs) - Efforts to reduce emissions from solvents as much as possible have led to the development of water-based, solvent-free dispersion adhesives. Our range of adhesives includes both 1-component and 2-component adhesives. The immediate bonding of a 2-component water-based spray-able adhesive is comparable to traditional solvent-based adhesives. The use of water-based spray-able adhesives requires that the equipment used to process the adhesive must meet higher standards. Because of the basic, aqueous nature of the water-based dispersions it is essential that all the Components that come in contact with the adhesive (pump, hoses, spray gun) are made from stainless steel and/or a synthetic material.

Hot-melt adhesives - Hot-melt adhesives are valued for their versatility and the simplicity with which they lend themselves to automatic processes. Hot-melts are often used in the mattress industry. Astro Packaging supplies a full range of hot-melt adhesives that are specifically suited to mattress industry requirements.

Every process, machine and type of material requires an adhesive product that is specifically designed for it. For that reason Astro Packaging recommends end-users to contact the Customer Service Department for customized advice for their specific situation.


  • Packaging
  • Product Assembly
  • Low Temp Packaging
  • Polyamide
  • Pressure Sensitive
  • PUR
  • Water-Based Adhesives
  • Lap Glue
  • Flexo Folding Adhesive
  • Metallocine
  • Metallocine Hybrid
  • Polyethylene
  • Freezer Grade Adhesive
  • High Heat Resistant


Corrugated lines are running faster than every before, but strong competition continues to drive the ongoing search for increased production efficiencies and lower costs.  Customers are expecting higher quality finishes, while a growing consumer requirement for environmentally friendly Packaging has brought a range of more demanding substrates to the corrugated industry.
Astro Packaging has responded by carrying a wide range of leading-edge technologies for Glued Lap, Laminating and Corrugated Starch Adhesives.  Our product lines have the capability to meet your needs precisely, and our sales staff will work with you as you optimize your corrugated operations and drive towards sustainability.
Astro Packaging is also a leading manufacturer of adhesive dispensing equipment and can support all of your equipment needs.  WHEN EXPERIENCE COUNTS....COUNT ON ASTRO PACKAGING!!!!  Visit our equipment website at