Astro Adhesives

General Assembly

Astro Packaging carries a full line of adhesives for your General Assembly application. When you want answers and solutions for your general assembly adhesive needs, are your local partner for innovation, performance and knowledge.

At Astro Packaging, we provide solutions to industry’s biggest challenges. We are dedicated to understanding the markets we serve and developing partnerships that stand the test of time.


Our complete line of general industrial adhesives allows manufacturers the ability to bond a variety of different substrates under a wide range of process and environmental parameters. We offer a wide variety of products that can be applied by brush, roller coating, spray and even as contact cements to fit your specific assembly process. Our formulating chemists and scientists have developed product solutions that save weight, time, energy and process complexity. To help you compete in today’s challenging manufacturing environment, our chemists and engineers work in partnership with our customers to improve design, assembly, productivity and profitability. Whether you need consultation on our products’ performance or a turnkey process design, Astro Packaging provides solutions.


Appliance Adhesives - Leverage our knowledge and expertise in developing new adhesives that address your evolving application technology and processes. Our formulations enhance your speed and efficiency in tough applications and demanding substrates like plastic, fiberglass, nylon, rubber, foam and hard-to-bond metals.

Engine, Oil and Air Filter Adhesives - Benefit from our years of experience formulating innovative filtration adhesives for multiple technologies in the air and oil filter market.

Liquid Separation Filter Adhesives - Partner with us to address the challenges of automation, production optimization and reduction in cycle times head-on with our new or improved adhesive technologies and patented innovations.

Textile Adhesives - Take your production efficiency and end-use laminate performance to the next level with our reliable, high performance textile adhesives. We partner with laminators of technical textile products to deliver the innovation you need for breathable and DWR/HDWR applications.

Solar Panel Adhesives - Apply our decades of experience formulating innovative adhesives for the double pane insulating glass industry to your evolving solar adhesive challenges. Learn how our new PV-RH275 one-part hot melt adhesive can advance your framing, rail bonding, edge sealing and junction box bonding processes.

Foam and Mattress Adhesives - Work on eliminating VOC issues, creating more sustainable products and reducing hazardous materials inventory with our water-based formulations for mattress converting. Our pressure-sensitive hot melt adhesives provide both residual and non-residual tack levels, depending on the application process.


  • Packaging
  • Product Assembly
  • Low Temp Packaging
  • Polyamide
  • Pressure Sensitive
  • PUR
  • Water-Based Adhesives
  • Lap Glue
  • Flexo Folding Adhesive
  • Metallocine
  • Metallocine Hybrid
  • Polyethylene
  • Freezer Grade Adhesive
  • High Heat Resistant