Astro Adhesives


Our range of Lamination Adhesive can be availed in various grades as per the application requirements. These adhesives offer consistent and smooth appearance and can withstand extreme conditions like extreme temperature, humidity, solvents, abrasions and challenging surface. We offer our clients Lamination Adhesive that are are water based copolymer acrylic emulsions that provide excellent adhesion, better yield, improved glossiness, medium drying properties, inert to substrates, good wet-ability and anchorage on curing.

Astro Packaing has a lamination process for the coating of furniture surfaces with a foil finish. This innovative technology for surface lamination and edge banding represents a milestone in quality and efficiency. The lamination process shows major advantages over the three established adhesive systems - urea resin glue, PVAC and hotmelt – and in particular having all the benefits of the hotmelt technology. The use of hot sealing adhesives in conjunction with new technology allows both economic production costs and is ecologically friendly in respect of its excellent environmental compatibility. The new lamination process is the perfect combination of process stability and physical properties. All these aspects make this new technology the lamination process of the future.


High performance for even the most demanding applications. Plus the good looks and outstanding clarity that enhances your brand. Our industrial and laminated tape adhesives stand up to humidity and rough handling without discoloring or distorting. These industrial adhesive products provide durable, long-lasting adherence to your most difficult surfaces. With easy die cutting, our adhesives also improve manufacturing efficiencies.

Astro Packaging is a leading supplier of pressure-sensitive adhesive technologies to the tape and label industry. Our market-focused customer service and technical consultants are problem solvers who have years of experience with tapes and labels. We work with you to assure that you achieve the best adhesive technology for your product, along with optimized operating efficiencies.

Superb processability and steadfast adherence make our industrial and laminated tapes the ideal solution for a range of needs.

  • Automotive
  • Industrial
  • Weatherproof Labels
  • Health and Beauty Aides
  • Industrial Chemicals
  • Household Chemicals

Astro Packaging industrial and laminated adhesives are a safe and consistent. Each industrial tape adhesive product such as laminated tape adhesive is specifically designed to improve the quality and efficiency of your operations, while providing the best overall value. Astro Packaging is an industry leading resource for tapes and label adhesives. Choose our people, our insight, our products, and our technology for the greatest total value.


Production Capabilities

  • Flame Lamination
  • A process used to produce laminates by bonding foam/fabric or foam/film by passing the foam over an open flame. Exposure to the flame creates a thin layer of molten polymer on the foam surface, which is then brought into contact with the secondary layer under pressure to develop a bond between the two surfaces.
  • Performance Specifications
  • Width capability to 82”
  • Pinhole free barrier materials
  • Expertise handling flame retardant materials
  • Multiple layer laminates produced in a single pass

Solvent-Based Adhesive Lamination

  • Liquid polyurethane adhesive is applied directly to a substrate via engraved rollers, which is then bonded under pressure to a second layer.
  • Performance Specifications
  • Width capability up to 72”
  • Room temperature processing of temperature sensitive
  • materials
  • Discontinuous application of adhesive through a wide range
  • of applicator patterns
  • Experience with films as thin as 5 microns
  • Production of washable and dry cleanable laminates
  • Expertise in handling high stretch substrates
  • Flame retardant laminates

Thermoplastic Adhesive Lamination

  • Thermoplastic materials in a wide range of available formats are utilized to create adhesion between similar or dissimilar substrates.
  • Performance Specifications
  • Width capability up to 76”
  • Powdered adhesives application
  • Web adhesives
  • Dry film adhesives
  • Fusible substrates
  • Full range of polymers (nylon, polyester, polyolefins,
  • polyurethanes)

Solvent and Water-Based Coating

  • Solutions of polymer either dispersed or dissolved within a liquid are applied to a substrate through a variety of techniques.
  • Performance Specifications
  • Width capability to 84”
  • Knife/Roll coating
  • Dip and squeeze
  • Kiss coat
  • DWR and FR treatments
  • Adhesion promoters
  • Stiffeners


  • Molten polymer is fed through a die to create a continuous layer of film.
  • Performance Specifications
  • Wide range of polymers (TPU, TPO, Nylon, Polyester)
  • High MVT films
  • High temperature resistant membranes
  • Low temperature adhesive films

Rewinding & Slitting

Shawmut offers extensive slitting capabilities, ranging from score cutters and rotary shears to a large baloney slicer. Regardless of whether a finished composite requires removal of the edges or multiple slits from a single piece of full-width material, Shawmut provides a variety of choices. Our engineers have developed creative solutions to meet the demands of the most complex slitting requirements.

Die Cutting & Blanking

All types of cutting available, including shuttle press for stretch sensitive headliners, roll feed presses for high volume cutting and sorting, and CNC cutting for high price fabric utilization.

Compression Molding

  • With over thirty years of experience in the compression molding of textiles and polymer substrates foams, Shawmut’s Trim Components division works with hot and cold molding processes, in high-volume automated and low-volume niche production formats to deliver optimal cost-effective molding solutions.
  • Performance Specifications
  • Small presses for low-running, low-tooling, fast to start programs
  • Large presses for high-volume, low-piece price alternatives
  • Automated presses for one-step mold, form, and cut

Wood-filled Polypropylene

  • A competitive alternative to injection molding then hand wrapping cloth or vinyl for an insert.
  • Heat Sealing
  • A cost competitive alternative to adding sew lines, or embroidered logos to cloth inserts.
  • Vacuum Forming
  • Vac-form presses available for those materials only conducive to vac-forming.
  • Dielectric Welding
  • With over thirty years of experience with die electric welded panels for low-cost vinyl sealed door panels.


  • Packaging
  • Product Assembly
  • Low Temp Packaging
  • Polyamide
  • Pressure Sensitive
  • PUR
  • Water-Based Adhesives
  • Lap Glue
  • Flexo Folding Adhesive
  • Metallocine
  • Metallocine Hybrid
  • Polyethylene
  • Freezer Grade Adhesive
  • High Heat Resistant