Astro Adhesives

The Astro Packaging 4 x 4 adhesive supply unit is a computer controlled hot melt supply unit designed on metric standards. Its all icon-driven control panel is internationally operator friendly. The hose connections and footprint mountings are compatible with Nordson® models 2300, 3100, 3400, 3500, and ProBlue® melters. The Astro Packaging 4 x 4 uses a microprocessor temperature control to closely control the temperature of hot melt adhesive for a tank and up to four hoses and four heads. Temperature set points are operator selected for up to nine zones and the system automatically provides warnings for operator errors and system malfunctions. When the unit is inactive temperature stand-by settings help reduce adhesive char. The Astro Packaging 4 x 4 uses an extremely dependable, constant pressure piston pump. The air operated pump insures a high pressure adhesive output from a low pressure, compressed air input. Removable access covers completely expose all Components for easy maintenance. Large arrows help the operator quickly and easily set temperatures.

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