Astro Adhesives

ADS1 Adhesive Feeder The ADS1 automatically replenishes adhesive to the desired level in hot melt equipment.  A low level indicator sends a signal to the ADS1 that adhesive is needed.  The ADS1 then activates a venturi that draws the adhesive into a positive pressure air stream and deposits it into the hot melt unit.

When the tank on an adhesive melter runs low, a number of problems can occur.  Adding a large amount of adhesive to a melter at once causes the adhesive temperature to dramatically decrease, and requires time for the melter to melt the influx of new adhesive and return to its set operating temperature.  This scenario,  commonly called “thermal shock” cuts into productivity while the line waits for the melter to return to the correct temperature and also causes a spike in energy usage.  In addition, if the adhesive is applied during this cycle, at less than optimal temperature, it will not bond properly, creating wasted product and product rejects.

Automatic fill systems maintain optimal tank levels and adhesive temperatures at all times, relieving operators of the filling and monitoring task and improving both efficiency and bonding quality.  These systems save adhesive by eliminating waste associated with manual overfilling and spillage, preventing thermal shock and dramatically reducing the volume of char-producing contaminants entering the tank.  As a result, packagers also benefit from fewer missed adhesive beads, bad bonds and reject packages.

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