Astro Adhesives

alt The KB50 and KB100 hotmelt units are ruggedly designed for a wide range of adhesive and sealant applications.  With capacities up to 50 lb. (22.7 kg) or 100 pounds (45.4 kg) of hotmelt material in pillow, pellet, slapped or bulk form, hotmelt unit concentrates heat at the tank bottom, while maintaining cooler temperatures at the top.  This performance characteristic minimizes that he served aggregation, charring and foreign matter accumulation.

The industry proven KB50 and KB100 feature finned melt grind in the tank bottom to increase melt efficiency and reduce warmup time.  The tank optimizes heat transfer to materialize and moves into the pump inlet, eliminating hot spot in problems.  Molten material can be dispensed intermittently or continuously to as many as six heated supply hoses.

Melt the units may be configured with microprocessor, proportioning or bimetallic thermostat temperature control, depending on the application requirements.

The choice of positive displacement your palms, coupled with a variety of durable Electric Motors provide optimal performance for most Manual or automatic dispensing applications.  Replaceable 50 mash pump filters are available for applications requiring filtration.

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