Astro Adhesives

Astro Packaging offers the lowest temperature freezer-grade case and carton sealing hot-melt adhesive available on the market. Our freezer grade hot glue has a wide operating temperature range. The adhesive is already being used successfully by manufacturers and packagers of consumer ice cream, dairy and poultry products. The sealing solutions are designed to eliminate the char-related problems packaging line operators experience with traditional hot melt adhesives and their application equipment. Char, the largest single cause of adhesive application malfunctions, is the substance produced by overheated hot melt or outside contaminants in the melt unit, which can clog filters, hoses and nozzles and bring packaging lines to a halt.

Astro Packaging is a leading supplier of pressure-sensitive adhesive technologies to the tape and label industry. Our market-focused customer service and technical consultants are problem-solvers who have years of experience with tapes and labels. We work with you to assure that you achieve the best adhesive technology for your product, along with optimized operating efficiencies.


Astro Packaging, a complete system developed for case and carton sealing applications in food processing, beverage, personal care, household, industrial-goods and consumer electronics industries. The Astro Packaging Sealing Solution comes with a hot-melt dispensing unit including an integrated Autofill vacuum feeder, new hoses, nozzles and modules and a convenient hot-melt storage bin.
For superior manufacturing efficiency and clean application, our freezer-grade label adhesives can’t be beat. For permanent or removable, Astro Packaging freezer-grade label adhesive products stand up to the most challenging temperatures. Low staining, our adhesives for cold temperature are specifically formulated for optimal converting and easier processing. They’re a reliable choice for any labeled product that must be refrigerated or held in cold storage or freezer conditions.
Astro Packaging freezer-grade label adhesives are safe and consistent. These industrial label adhesives are specifically designed to improve the quality and efficiency of your operations, while providing the best overall value.

Carton sealing hot melt adhesive for hard to bond substrates and refrigerated or frozen foods applications. Clean running with excellent pot stability, low viscosity for easy machining.

  • Suggested application temperature: 290-330 F
  • Viscosity: 900 cps @ 350F
  • Open Time: 8-9 seconds
  • Set speed: Medium (2-3 seconds)
  • FDA approval: 175.105
  • Color: Straw
Freezer Grade Acrylic Adhesive offers high initial tack, good clarity, and adhesion when applied at temperatures as low as 0°F (-18°C) and also has excellent processing characteristics and offers exceptional adhesion to a wide variety of substrates with moderate resistance to water and humidity. Read more in about Freezer Grade Acrylic Adhesive in this PDF...

Join manufacturers around the world who have discovered the proven advantages of our high performance hot melt adhesives—trouble-free bonding while using less adhesive. Achieve unmatched versatility and be confident that your packages will stay closed with our complete industrial adhesive product line across substrates and service temperatures.


  • Very good wetting properties on standard, coated or varnished cardboard
  • All ingredients are approved under the Federal regulation 175 105 & BGA (for incidental contact of adhesives with food)
  • Open timeTime between the moment the adhesive was applied and the moment it has no more tack (end of possible laying the covering)
  • Good freezer resistance
  • High initial tack. Power to maintain together 2 materials. Tacky surface means sticky surface.Hot MeltAdhesive which is applied at hot temperatures and sets up while cooling
  • Good resistance to low positive temperatures
  • Suitable for all applications by nozzle (Nordson, Valco, Robatech, etc.)
  • Suitable for application by wheel (never exceed 180°C)


Easier convertibility and less edge ooze make our specialty label adhesives ideal for an expansive range of applications and open times, including:
  • Meat Packaging
  • Breweries
  • Medical Products
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Common Packaging Substrates used in Freezer Conditions


These manufactures carry fugitive glue product lines:
  • Astro Packaging
  • H.B. Fuller
  • Henkel
  • Bostik
  • Jowat
  • Forbo Swift