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Optimize your operations with the help of our dedicated team of experts focused on your corrugated needs. Our leading-edge adhesive technologies for glued lap, laminating and corrugated starch additives provide the breadth and depth required to address your toughest challenges. Used for bonding the sides of corrugated containers. Application methods include non-contact extrusion, contact extrusion and wheel systems. Suitable for wheel, contact extrusion and non-contact extrusion application equipment. These products offer excellent wet tack, fast speed of set and good water resistance to help your line run at optimum speed.
Astro Packaging glued lap adhesives are used for many applications. Our products are available in a range of viscosities for clean application by non-contact extrusion, contact extrusion and wheel systems. Our products offer excellent wet tack, fast speed of set and good water resistance to help your line run at optimum speed. Astro Packaging provides water based glue lap adhesives for use on extruders or glue wheels. Our lap glue is a water based adhesive formulated for todays high speed folder-gluers. It offers excellent adhesion, fast machine speeds and easy clean-up.


Astro Packaging has high-performance adhesives systems for the entire spectrum of corrugating machines and applicators, and for the materials to be bonded. Our constant contact with machine and applicator manufacturers has resulted in adhesives that work in any machine type. Read more in this PDF...

Testing adhesives used in glued lap joints of corrugated fiberboard containers

This method describes a procedure for evaluating the adhesive used in glued lap joints of corrugated containers. This method describes a laboratory procedure for evaluating glued lap adhesive applied to laboratory-prepared specimens made from the linerboard to be used in the manufacture of corrugated containers. A separate testing procedure for the finished containers is TAPPI T 813 “Tensile Test for the Manufacturer’s Joint of Fiberboard Shipping Containers.”

This procedure measures heat resistance, water resistance, and cold resistance of the adhesive used in glued lap joints.


Typically used for corrugators and folding cartons!
Also used for boat assembly: Glued lapstrake is a contemporary method of building traditional lapstrake boats. Epoxy replaces cinch nails or rivets used to edge join the planks lengthwise. Like strip built boats, glued lap construction relies on forms when hanging planks and stems to attach them to at the ends. In addition, some kind of hog keel or keelson to land the garboard planks helps significantly in aligning these bottom planks. The end result is a beautifully styled traditional looking boat with no evidence of nails or rivets and doesn't require ribs for strength like traditionally constructed models.

Plywood is often used instead of traditional planking in some lapstrake designs. Glued plywood lapstrake is a fairly simple technique, combining time-proven designs producing a strong, durable boat, and quite light for its size. These are quite do-able by the amateur, though not instant boats by any means. There is a lot of work getting the planks shaped properly and there is plenty of glue that needs cleanup between the laps. This produces a boat of traditional form with advantages for modern boating over traditional lapstrake.

In the thinner dimensions, high quality marine plywood is stronger than conventional planking of equal thickness. This can be attributed to the cross wise lamination of veneers. Thickness as result can be proportionally reduced when interpreting traditional plans. Plywood thickness has its limitations with respect to the minimum bending radius. It is feasible to cut the individual planks of a lapstrake hull out of plywood sheets.  From

High Adhesion: For glued lap, liquid case and carton sealing, Bostik offers a range of high adhesion products that perform well with heavily coated stocks. Our resin products provide high adhesion while maintaining optimal viscosity for clean machining. 

Suitable for wheel, roller, stencil or extrusion applicators. Clean up with water.


  • Fast setting speed.
  • Increased bond security.
  • High penetration
  • Excellent adhesion to difficult liners.
  • High tack.
  • Holds down spring boards



These manufactures carry fugitive glue product lines:
  • Astro Packaging
  • H.B. Fuller
  • Henkel
  • Bostik
  • Jowat
  • Forbo Swift