Astro Adhesives

Product packaging today can hardly be achieved without adhesives. Adhesive experts from Astro Packaging provide innovative solutions for packaging designers. Astro Packaging represents major manufacturers within the adhesives industry such as Bostik®, Forbo®, H.B. Fuller®, Henkel® as well as having many products toll produced/private labeled specifically for Astro Packaging.  Our adhesive specialists are here to help our customers identify the specifics of each job and to recommend the right product for the application. Sustainability plays a crucial role in the development process. Every client is individual and requires careful evaluation before the proper product can be selected for a specific application.


Adhesive technologies have also become indispensable for packaging industry. For more than 40 years, Astro Packaging has been providing special adhesives for laminating various materials necessary for light and flexible packaging. Packaging fulfills several tasks: information, segmentation, protection and preservation. Astro Packaging adhesives help meet these requirements making packaging flexible and light, yet strong and tear-resistant. This guarantees that freshness and quality are protected until the product is used.


  • Maximizes material shelf-life
  • Cost-effective resin packaging solution
  • Protects against moisture
  • Protects against UV degradation
  • Application assessment
  • Filtering
  • Mixing high viscosity materials
  • Packaging of light-sensitive UV Curing Systems
  • Packaging of reactive and corrosive materials
  • Packaging of hydrophilic (water-sensitive)...
  • Fast turn-around on 100 to 1,000,000 unit orders


Case and Carton - high performance hot melt adhesives, trouble-free bonding while using less adhesive. Achieve unmatched versatility and be confident that your packages will stay closed with our complete industrial adhesive product line across substrates and service temperatures.
In the area of case and carton sealing, bonded packages must perform accurately in all climatic conditions and withstand a wide range of stresses before they are opened by the consumer. Our product line perfectly meets these challenging requirements. They provide superior bond strength as well as excellent heat resistance for high temperature applications and cold resistance for deep-freeze applications. Concerning sustainability, our products are particularly advantageous due to their low application temperature, thus reducing energy costs.
Flexible Packaging - From trials and demos to our a full range of high performance adhesives, we have the solutions you need. Our comprehensive line water-based adhesives, solvent-based and solvent-less adhesives for film, paper and foil laminating, primers and hot melt heat seal coating for lidding and over wrap applications. 
Container Labeling Adhesives - Give your film, paper, metallized paper and pressure sensitive label process a quality and efficiency boost with our broad product line that includes water-based adhesive and hot melt adhesives. With our adhesives for roll or magazine-fed applications, you can achieve a virtually invisible line on glass, metal, PET and other plastic containers.

Beverage Industry - We develop high-performing adhesives and system solutions for various labeling purposes. In this field of application, adhesive technologies need to be highly compatible in various aspects: the surface of the container, the material, the design, the labels as well as the application and recycling method have to be considered. Compared to conventional products, Euromelt adhesives also contribute to more sustainable production thanks to lower consumption.

Specialty Packaging - We collaborate with you to develop tailored formulations that solve new and unanticipated problems. With our focus on innovation and perfecting adhesives, we develop problem-solving industrial adhesives that meet your specific, unique needs.


These manufactures carry fugitive glue product lines:
  • Astro Packaging
  • H.B. Fuller
  • Henkel
  • Bostik
  • Jowat
  • Forbo Swift