Astro Packaging is a recognized leader in the adhesive dispensing industry representing some of the largest adhesive manufacturers in the world.  Started in 1994, Astro Packaging specialized in adhesive dispensing equipment for a variety of applications.  With customers also demanding adhesive support, Astro Packaging started Astro Adhesives to provide better support to their customer base.  Since starting Astro Adhesives, Astro Packaging has grown to one of the largest distributors of hot melt and liquid adhesives in the country.

Astro Adhesives represents Henkel®, HB Fuller®, Wisdom®, Bostik®, DuraPro®, Jowat® and also their own private labeled product line under the Astro Adhesive brand.  These products help support the packaging industry, graphic arts, product assembly, paper converting and a variety of other specialized applications.  With an equipment background, Astro Adhesives is a great source for adhesive and equipment support.  Companies looking to simplify vendors and get the best support for hot melt and liquid adhesives, Astro Adhesives is the clear leader for a one stop shop.

Contact us today for help find the best adhesive for your application along with any equipment support required as well.  Our factory certified technicians and representatives are available 24/7 in both English and Spanish. 

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