Case & Carton Sealing and Tray Forming

One of the most common applications in the packaging industry is case and carton sealing and tray forming.  Although packaging applications are running faster and more efficiently than ever before, the pressure is still on to improve the quality of operations.  Often overlooked, the ability to seal and form product packages can be vital the success of a company.  Eliminating “pop-opens” can protect companies from rejected deliveries and poor shelf display.

Necessary adhesive requirements for case sealing and tray forming are quick set-speeds and maintaining strong bonds between substrates.  Astro Adhesives supplies a variety of packaging adhesives for freezer grade applications or high heat environments.

Bottle Labeling

Hot melt and liquid adhesives have a wide range of applications and support a variety of different industries.  Bottle labeling adhesive is another such market that relies on the use of adhesives to bond labels to the bottle. These bottle labeling adhesives, while used for soda, are most commonly required in the alcohol industry for the production line of breweries, wineries, and distilleries.

Astro Adhesives stocks a variety of labeling adhesives for PET, HDPE and PP bottle labeling applications.  We also supports lap paste, rosin ester pickup, gum rosin pickup, or permanent pickup for roll through labeling applications.  Contact Astro Adhesives to talk with one of our adhesive specialist and find an adhesive for your application.

Sift Proof

For products that contain finely grained materials, the packaging process is referred to as a “sift-proof” application.  A sift-proof application requires a seal in the packaging to prevent materials from escaping the package.  Common sift-proof applications are for laundry detergent or dishwasher soap.  Finding the right adhesive for your sift-proof package is crucial to avoid material from leaking or escaping during transport which can lead to regulatory consequences.  Astro Adhesives stocks multiple sift-proof adhesives to create a strong bond and seal for your packaging.

Point of Purchase Displays (P.O.P)

Point of Purchase displays (P.O.P.) are eye-catching exhibits of products at the final stage of an in-store shopping cycle.  The use of attractive displays can draw a customer to your product. P.O.P. displays need to be durable as they are often touched or bumped in to by customers while shopping.  The use of glue can help provide the durable performance required for point of purchase sales and has the ability to work on different substrates as well.

Astro Adhesives has a wide variety of adhesive options that can help bond your products and display them to the consumer. Glue Dots outperform double-sided tape and are much easier to use.  For larger displays, glue sticks are the perfect choice for creating a durable, eye-catching display for your shoppers.  Contact Astro Adhesives to speak with an adhesive specialist and find the right glue for your application.

Pallet Stabilization

Packaging operations rely on their product going from point-A to point-B without shifting during transit.  Using a hot melt or cold glue adhesive reinforces load integrity before, during and after transit.  Using adhesives in a palletizing process can eliminate or reduce the use of sheet wrap and provide large savings in material cost.  Adhesive systems can apply a bead, swirl or spray pattern to meet specific product shipment or storage conditions.

Unwrapping the sheet-wrap off a pallet can cause products to shift and fall apart.  Astro Adhesives has hot melt adhesives that will provide a strong bond to the pallet stacking process and will remove seamlessly when unloaded, providing a stable pallet until fully unloaded.

See an adhesive pallet stabilization video here


Glue Sticks & Glue Dots