Glue Dots Int’l Technologies



Glue Dots are available in different profiles (thicknesses), which are based upon the pattern and diameter of the adhesive. Ranging from 10 to 70+ mils, Glue Dots adhesive profiles are defined as low, medium or high. Low profile is used more prevalently in applications where the bonded substrates need to be flush. High profile patterns can be used to create or bridge a gap, or to conform to substrates with irregular surface areas. Various thicknesses allow Glue Dots to bond with different substrates, regardless of their shape or surface characteristics.

Tack Level 

Standard Glue Dots Brand Adhesives are available in five tack levels, which range from low tack to super high tack and beyond. Tack levels should be selected based upon substrates and their intended application. Surface textures and contours of different substrates (wood, plastic, paper and metal), may require different tack levels based upon the desired adhesion.

Low1/2 IN.Low Tack
Low1/2 IN.Medium Tack
Low1/2 IN.High Tack
Low1/2 IN.Super High Tack
Medium1/2 IN.Low Tack
Medium1/2 IN.Medium Tack
Medium1/2 IN.High Tack
Medium1/2 IN.Super High Tack
High1/2 IN.Low Tack
High1/2 IN.Medium Tack
High1/2 IN.High Tack
High1/2 IN.Super High Tack