Foam & Mattress

Astro Adhesives has a variety of adhesive products for foam applications. The diversity of foam materials in the market has put stronger demands on adhesive manufacturers to find solutions for each type of foam material.  Open-cell and closed-cell foams are obviously different products and have a very different feel, look, and performance, yet are part of the same “foam” family.  Depending on the foam type, some adhesives may not create a strong bond or have other issues that can destroy the foam.

While foam to foam applications provide easier solutions for bonding materials, bonding foam to a different substrate such as wood or metal can create challenges and require different adhesive solutions.  Luckily, foam applications using hot melt adhesives aren’t new and have a long history of formulation and testing.  Contact Astro Adhesives to talk with an adhesive specialist who can recommend the right adhesive for your material and application.

Automotive Manufacturing

The automotive industry uses a multitude of adhesive products for a variety of
applications during the process of building a vehicle.  From the interior of the vehicle, to the engine and electrical components, adhesives are used to create strong bonds and provide clean appearances.

The majority of adhesives used in a vehicle are used on the interior of the vehicle. While cars accelerate, brake, turn and stop, objects and people shift around and put wear and tear on the seats, flooring and other parts.  The carpet, cushions, dashboard roofing, seals etc. must remain in place over the lifetime of the vehicle.  For these reasons, hot melt adhesives have become a popular option for vehicle manufacturers.

Adhesives are also used in the engine and exterior components of the vehicle as well. Polyamide adhesives have superior heat resistance and are used to protect electrical components from extreme conditions. This helps to maximize the lifetime of each part and provide an added layer of protection.

Contact Astro Adhesives for help qualifying adhesive products used within the automotive manufacturing industry.

Furniture & Woodworking

Adhesives are a great bonding tool when building cabinets, drawer bottoms and other woodworking applications.  The use of hot melt adhesives can provide a quick set speed and strong bond for corner joints.  According to top cabinet manufacturers, using adhesives in conjunction with staples and nails provides an superior strength to the cabinet structure.

There are a variety of adhesive options depending on the application and wood being used. Adhesives can offer quick or long open times to provide flexibility when assembling.

Window & Door Manufacturing

There are a wide variety of window sealant technologies available to insulating glass manufacturers; including reactive hot melts, two-part reactive and non-reactive.  The most popular example, butyl, is a cost-effective insulated glass sealant technology that has been widely used for decades.  Butyl sealants are easy to apply and requires no pre-mixing equipment.  Since butyl does not cure, it produces no reactive byproducts and remains re-workable and has a longer shelf life than competitive products.  Butyl rubber sealants achieve full strength within minutes of application, which allows operators to handle immediately.

There are other components of butyl material that make it a popular choice for window and door manufacturing.  Butyl rubber has low gas and moisture vapor permeability, which is critical to maintain fog-free windows for its lifetime.  Butyl also has a high degree of elasticity, which is an exceptional vibrational dampening characteristic.  This elasticity gives butyl the ability to withstand the repeated stresses associated with expansion and contraction of air space with daily temperature fluctuations.

Astro Adhesives stocks a variety of butyl products in many forms to fit our customer’s application requirements.

Filter Manufacturing

Astro Adhesives stocks a full line of hot melt adhesives and water based glues for filter manufacturing and filter assembly applications.  Depending on the application, hot melt beads, hot melt roll coating, or hot melt spray application can be used.  Our filter manufacturing hot melt adhesives are designed to adhere many components such as films, foams, papers and plastics for a strong, fast-setting bond.  Our filter assembly adhesives are used to bond fiberglass, nylon, plastics, rubber, foam and difficult to bond coated paper substrates.

Hot melt adhesives are resistant to high and low temperatures and offer fast set times. This makes hot melt adhesives a perfect bonding tool widely used for manufacturing air filters.  Because of fast-running filter machines, hot melt seals the filter frames, laminates the media and closes the separators.

Depending on the end use of air filters, a variety of adhesive technologies can be used. For high heat applications, Polyamide and Polyester based adhesives are used.  Polyamide based and Polyester based hot melt adhesives are used for air filters in industrial or car ventilation systems that have to withstand high heat temperatures.  These adhesives offer strong adhesion to papers and no-woven materials with a high-heat and high-chemical resistance.  EVA hot melts and APAO based hot melt adhesives are used for cold temperatures and provide excellent bond strength and machining characteristics.

Wood Laminating

HVAC Ducting

Non-Woven Hygiene

Cases & Crates