DuraPro® is the leading U.S. brand of high performance adhesives and coatings for industrial, contractor and do-it-yourself (DIY) customers worldwide.

DuraPro® products are all environmentally friendly and are customized to your specific needs, using the latest innovations in chemistry. We specialize in transitioning manufacturing processes to newer adhesive technologies that reduce labor, work-in-process and defect rates. Astro Adhesives will partner with your equipment and substrate suppliers to ensure a smooth transition.

DuraPro® products are manufactured in nine plants located throughout North America and Europe. Our experienced technical representatives specialize in your industry and will use their knowledge of the latest developments in science to find a solution best suited to your requirements. We also have an applications lab in Chicago with full scale production lines to demonstrate or test products without using up your valuable production time.

While foam to foam applications provide easier solutions for bonding materials, bonding foam to a different substrate such as wood or metal can create challenges and require different adhesive solutions.  Luckily, foam applications using hot melt adhesives aren’t new and have a long history of formulation and testing.  Contact Astro Adhesives to talk with an adhesive specialist who can recommend the right adhesive for your material and application.

DuraPro® Technologies

M-454 LVFast, heavily coated and foil sticksReg TempAir+
M404General Purpose fast setting for high heat and cold resistanceReg TempMetallocene
M367-1AFGeneral PurposeReg TempMetallocene
M409High tack, hot pack productReg TempMetallocene
M-204-1Hot fill EVA, high heat EVA – Lowest costReg TempEVA – Fast
M-231Freezer grade EVAReg TempEVA – Fast
M-260Ultra high speed EVAReg TempEVA – Fast
M-347High speed EVA, High heat resistance, superior adhesionReg TempEVA – Fast
M-201Superior adhesion, excellent freezer performance, applied @ 275°FLow TempEVA
M-259High performance EVA, fast 275°FLow TempEVA
M-390Wax coated stock EVAReg TempEVA
M-212Fast for polycoated, and freezer applicationReg TempEVA
M-764Economy grade PSAReg TempPSA
R-272Mid gradeFolding CartonVAE
R-206BLow costFolding CartonVAE
M-212Fast for polycoated, and freezer applicationFolding Carton HMEVA
M-209Polycoated stock EVA, slower set/low heat resistanceFolding Carton HMEVA
R-972Achieves MRA & WPA board without residual formaldehydeWaterproofing AdditiveKetone Aldehyde
CS10051 to 1 ratio dry borax replacementBorax replacerPolymer
ProductDescriptionApplicationViscosity cPs
UH2300-3V5 minute RV grade; lauan / FRP / EPSPanels17,000 @ 250°F
H2300-3 Purple5 minute RV grade; lauan / FRP / EPSPanels17,000 @ 250°F
UH4036 Purple5 minute RV grade; lauan / FRP / EPSPanels12,000 @ 275°F
UHXJ856 BlueGeneral purpose lamination grade for low surface energy plastics/woodPanels22,000 @ 275°F
UH2153-5 PurpleGeneral purpose lamination grade for low surface energy plastics/woodPanels16,000 @ 250°F
UH2016VGeneral purpose lamination grade for low surface energy plastics/woodPanels15,000 @ 250°F
UL4744RV grade LMCPanels6,000 @ 75°F
UH2380General purpose spine glueBook Binding5,000 @ 250°F
UH6005High performance spine glueBook Binding4,500 @ 250°F
UH2427Low cost spine glueBook Binding4,000 @ 250°F
UH2297Clear packagingGeneral Assy10,000 @ 250°F
M130Glass and poly labelsPSA
M-123Glass and poly labelsPSA
M-100Metal can + paper labelsEVA
M-406Spot packEVA
R-852Labeling for plastic pailsVAE
G-2420Labeling metal canPVA
M-7024Tape convertingPerm PSA
M-7051General purposePerm PSA