Perfect Binding - Spine & Side Glue

Perfect binding is a book binding process that uses hot melt adhesive to glue individual sheets of paper of a soft cover book or catalog at the spine, usually done with a PUR (polyurethane) adhesive.  PUR (polyurethane) adhesives are significantly stronger than traditional hot melts as it cures from moisture in the air, allowing the PUR to form stronger bonds even after the bonding process is complete.

Astro Adhesives stocks multiple PUR (polyurethane) adhesives for perfect binding literature and graphical documents.  We stock PUR adhesives in 5 gal pails or 55 gal drums for fast delivery and unmatched support

Tipping & Converting - Credit Card

Tipping and inserting is an application process commonly used by printers and binderies for adhering a flyer or promotional piece to a document.  Common applications of tipping/inserting are when a person receives a new credit or debit card in the mail, and the adhesive holds the card in place on the document.  Another common application is fragrance advertising in magazines, where a perfume/cologne sample is bonded to a page within the magazine.  This insertion process is done with a fugitive hot melt adhesive and doesn’t damage either substrates when separated.

Fugitive glue, also called booger glue or snot glue, is a removable adhesive with low tack that provides a non-permanent bond between substrates.  Fugitive glue is often used in marketing and direct mail applications.  In fugitive applications, the bond produced is temporary and only intended to bond two materials during the folding and gluing process and can be removed without damage to either substrate.

Astro Adhesives has a complete line of fugitive glues ranging from low tack to super high tack.  Fugitive adhesives provide the best performance on smooth, non-porous materials and are not re-sealable like a PSA adhesive.  Contact Astro Adhesives to talk with one of our adhesive experts to find a proper fugitive adhesive for your application.

ReMoist Applications

Re-moist adhesives are used so that a bond can be created after initial application by reactivating the adhesive with moisture.  Typical applications for this are business documents, envelope manufacturing and stamps. In an envelope manufacturing process, the initial re-moist adhesive is applied to the envelope flap, and then a bond can be created later by reactivating the adhesive with moisture so that the two sides form a bond.

Some tips for successful re-moist application are understanding the substrate, environment and technology.  Uncoated paper stocks usually use more glue because the paper is more porous and varnished paper may prevent good adhesion.  Application environments should be climate controlled so there is no impact in areas of high humidity.

In the early years, re-moist adhesives were mostly liquid, but with recent technologies more and more re-moist applications are being done with hot melt adhesives. Astro Packaging has a wide range of cold or hot melt re-moist products stocked for multiple applications.

Presentation Folders

Presentation folders are a great tool for holding documents and also promoting company brands for training workshops and more.  Presentation folders use hot melt adhesives to create the pockets by placing a glue bead down the side of the paper stock and then folding over the other piece to bond to the paper.  This process can be done at very fast line speeds so it is essential that operators have a high-quality glue and the right equipment to eliminate stringing and poor adhesion.

Astro Adhesives supports some of the largest binderies in the county and have provided unmatched support to their business.  We stock multiple PUR and side glues for quick delivery because we know the cost of downtime and missing deadlines.  Contact an Astro Adhesive representative for a competitive quote or to talk more about your requirements and how we can help.

Glue Dots/Tacky Spots

Fugitive & Spot Gluing

Digi-Tray Applications