From pioneering waterproof boots to launching the first baby diaper with elastic adhesive, Bostik® is full of smart innovation.

Since 1889 Bostik® patented over 9,000 technologies covering everything from aerospace interior adhesives to Blu-Tack. And has evolved enormously along the way, growing from a local dye manufacturer to a global industry leader.

Today, Bostik’s® worldwide operation in the industrial, consumer and construction markets spans 40 countries across three continents.

We now employ over 4,900 people, with around 500 working as chemists and technicians in our R&D operations, continuing our long heritage of history-shaping innovation.

Bostik Technologies

ThermoGrip 1237AFast setting EVAMini Pastilles
ThermoGrip 1238Freezer Grade EVAMini Pastilles
ThermoGrip 1505General Purpose EVAMini Pastilles
ThermoGrip 1661Higher performance low temp EVAMini Pastilles
ThermoGrip 1714Low temp EVAMini Pastilles
ThermoGrip 1731Faster set freezer grade EVAMini Pastilles
ThermoGrip 1935Aggressive bond EVAMini Pastilles
ThermoGrip 1639Water white EVAMini Pastilles
ThermoGrip 9489General purpose metalloceneMini Pastilles
ThermoGrip 9592High performance metalloceneMini Pastilles
ThermoGrip 9592BFast setting metalloceneMini Pastilles
ThermoGrip 1378Sift proofing applicationsMini Pastilles
ThermoGrip 287-337End capsMini Pastilles
ThermoGrip 335-335Direct food contact, blast freezerMini Pastilles
ThermoGrip 6301335Grease proof adhesiveMini Pastilles
ThermoGrip 7911334BFor metal surfaces and substratesCoextruded
AquaGrip 1231General purpose water-based adhesivePail/Drum
AquaGrip 1232Fast set water-based adhesivePail
AquaGrip 8115Difficult stock water-based adhesivePail/Drum
AquaGrip 2627Basic brewery labeling adhesivePail/Drum
AquaGrip 7925EZ clean glass/PET gluePail
AquaGrip 8039HDPE/PP bottle labeling adhesivePail/Drum/Tote
AquaGrip 8280Semi-PSA for PETPail/Drum
ThermoGrip 2790Semi-PSACoextruded
ThermoGrip 4360Non-carb full PSAFFS
ThermoGrip 5401Patternjet® optimizedFFS
AquaGrip 1121ALap pastePail/Drum
ThermoGrip 1926ARosin ester pickup Pick-et
ThermoGrip 284-332Gum rosin pickup Pick-et
ThermoGrip 9479Permanent pickup Coextruded
ThermoGrip 9463Side SeamCoextruded
ThermoGrip 9477Zipper AttachmentCoextruded
ProductDescriptionRoll SizeRolls/Pallet
Web PE75Low activating temperature60″ x 500 ly12 Rolls
Web PE85Low activating temperature60″ x 500 ly12 Rolls
Web PE103Moderate activating temperature60″ x 1000 ly12 Rolls
Web PE120Moderate activating temperature, fast set60″ x 500 ly12 Rolls
Web PE165High temperature resistance60″ x 1000 ly12 Rolls
ProductDescriptionRoll SizeRolls/Pallet
Web PA115Moderate activating temperature60″ x 1000 ly12 Rolls
Web PA145High temperature resistance60″ x 500 ly12 Rolls
ThermoGrip 2790 Hot melt side glueCoextruded
ThermoGrip 5077Medium-high tack fugitive hot meltFFS
ThermoGrip 5231AMedium tack fugitive hot meltFFS
ThermoGrip 5265High tack fugitive hot meltFFS
ThermoGrip 998-337Low tack fugitive hot meltFFS
HM 4156LVFlexible, medium setDrum
HM 4199LVHigh heat, fast setDrum
SuperGrip 1578-164High green strength Drum, 5 Gal Pail
SuperGrip 1582-082High tack, high flexDrum
SuperGrip 1582-166Adhesion to low surface energy substratesDrum, 5 Gal Pail
SuperGrip 9707Rigid, fast set5 Gal Pail
SuperGrip H0005-03AExcellent flexibility Drum
SuperGrip PurgeEVA purge materialDrum
ThermoGrip 4318General purpose appliance Drum, FFS
ThermoGrip 5068AHigh heat appliance Drum, FFS
ThermoGrip 5078High heat washer and dryerCoextruded
ThermoGrip 5078K01High heat washer and dryer, BLACKCoextruded
ThermoGrip 5141K01Low tack, high heat, BLACKCoextruded
ThermoGrip AP3349B-01General purpose, clearCoextruded
SuperGrip 9251KFoamable polyurethane, high heat, tack free, BLACKDrum