Jowat®, with headquarters in Detmold, is one of the leading suppliers of industrial adhesives. These are mainly used in woodworking and furniture manufacture, in the paper and packaging industry, for graphic arts, in the textile, automotive as well as in the electrical industry.

The company was founded in 1919 and has manufacturing sites in Germany and in the USA, Jowat Corporation.  Jowat® manufactures over 90,000 tons of adhesives per year, with around 1100 employees.

Bonding is the most efficient assembly method available today, and therefore a growing market. Jowat’s® competence in this market is outstanding and they expand know-how and pass it on to customers.

In order for this to happen, a continuous development of creativity, quality consciousness and environmental responsibility, productivity, flexibility, reliability and global awareness is necessary. This process is carried out by the global employee commitment.

Jowat® Technologies