Folding Carton

Astro Adhesives supports many adhesives for glued lap applications where a strong bond is required for a manufacturers joint.  A manufacturers joint is the point where two ends of corrugate meet.  To make a box in some varieties, the two ends of the box blank must be fixed firmly together with tape, staples, or glue.  The term glued lap refers to the process of applying adhesive to bond these two ends together.

Liquid glues are often used for this process but certain applications will use a hot melt adhesive in this process as well.  Hot melt adhesives bond quicker and are used to hold the bond while the liquid glue forms it’s permanent bond.  Contact an Astro Adhesive representative to find a liquid or hot melt adhesive for your glued lap manufactures joint applications.

Core Winding & Tail Tie

Tube winding adhesives from Astro Adhesives provide a quick bond for multiple applications. The first application for tube winding is to make the corrugate core for the tube.  Tube winding manufactures use liquid and hot melt adhesives to manufacture corrugated cores.  Once the tube has been manufactured, the tubes can be used for tissue, paper towel and toilet paper applications.

For manufacturing toilet paper and paper towels, a hot melt or liquid adhesive is used to bond the last sheet of paper to the core.  Once the sheet has been bonded to the core, a manufacturer can create large rolls of toilet paper, paper towels and other various application.

Flexo & Lamination

Flexo and Litho laminating is the process used by corrugate manufacturers for designing boxes for companies and brands for their packaging.  Using a flexo process, corrugate manufacturers print directly onto the corrugate substrate.

In a litho-laminating process, this involves a two-step process.  The corrugate manufacturers print the label itself, and then laminate the design onto the corrugate substrate.  While costing more, the benefit of a litho-laminate design is that there are more options for finishes and also better for full color.

Astro Adhesives has multiple options for flexo and litho lamination using liquid and hot melt adhesives.  Contact an Astro Adhesive representative for more information.

Envelope Manufacturing

Tape & Label