The Reynolds Company is a custom compounder of water based, hot melt and dry blend adhesives and coatings serving a variety of markets domestically as well as internationally.  Reynolds has been in business since 1978 serving a variety of customers from the smaller “mom and pops” to the larger Fortune 500 companies.

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Reynolds® Technologies

ProductDescriptionOpen-TimeCpS @ 350°F
55-788General purpose case/carton sealOT: 8-15 sec750-1100 cPs
56-006Fast water white EVAOT: 8-20 sec1000-1400 cPs
53-974Faster setting 55-788OT: 6-10 sec850-1100 cPs
53-029Freezer grade/wax coated stock. Long open timeOT: 20-30 sec.1100-1500 cPs
ProductDescriptionOpen-TimeCpS @ 350°F
55-801LVLow viscosity high heat resistance5-8 sec750-900 cPs
55-806Premium aggressive excellent heat/cold resistance for use on high
recycled and coated stock
900-1300 cPs
55-806MPremium aggressive excellent heat reliance for use on coated stock5-8 sec900-1300 cPs
55-807HTEconomical metallocene blend with wide service temperature range5-8 sec950-1350 cPs
55-808Economical High temp resistance fast setting1-3 sec900-1350 cPs
55-809Premium High temp resistance high speed fast setting1-3 sec900-1350 cPs
55-810HPPremium aggressive excellent broad service temperature/resistance
for use on coated stock and highly recycled board
900-1350 cPs
55-590Long open time excellent cold resistance18-28 sec1000-1500 cPs
ProductDescriptionOpen-TimeCpS @ 275°F
53-133Low melt EVA case carton seal4-10 sec600-900 cPs
56-211NSLow melt EVA case carton seal4-10 sec600-900 cPs
55-764Aggressive low melt EVA case carton seal4-10 sec600-750 cPs
55-802MLow temp application/straw attachment/low temp performance/metallocene10 sec700-1000 cPs
ProductDescriptionGardner ColorSoftening PointCpS @ 250°F
54-633LCBottle Labeling4 Max180°F3200-4500 cPs
54-665SMBottle Labeling6 Max175°F1500-2100 cPs
54-655SMWater White Bottle Labeling2 Max175°F3200-4000 cPs
55-793PET Bottle Labeling B+H4.4170°F1600-2200 cPs