HB Fuller® never tires of formulating high performance adhesives, sealants, paints and other specialty materials that help you improve your products and processes.

HB Fuller® serves many industries and a vast and growing number of applications. Their high-performing adhesive formulations are the result of consistent innovation in technology.

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HB Fuller® Technologies

Advantra PHC9254Premium, Versatile BonderHigh hot tack and good adhesion for tough substrates. Extended open time with fast set speed. Works in blast freezer to hot shipping conditions. Good pot stability.Fast350°F
Advantra PHC8290All-PurposeGreat performer for a wide array of applications and where set speed is important. Designed for fast lines, or where compression is limited. Heat resistance is very good. Light color, low odor and good pot stability.Very Fast350°F
Advantra PHC8446General PurposeGreat economic option for general purpose use. Fast setting and good heat resistnance with some freezer properties. Light color, low odor, and good pot stability.Fast350°F
Clean Melt 8426Freezer GradeVersatile for many applications providing a wide service temperature range, and good economic value. Light color, low odor, and good pot stability.Med-Fast350°F
Advantra LT 8130Freezer GradeLow char hot melt ideal for freezer and chill applications with great pot stability at a good economic value.Medium275°F
Advantra LT8100General PurposeGeneral purpose clean machining low temp hot melt for a broad number of applications. Great value and good pot stability.Medium275°F
Swift Therm LT 7030Freezer GradeEconomical general purpose hot melt for freezer grade applicationsMedium275°F
Clean Melt LT8416General PurposeExcellent adhesion and good heat resistance for LAT and faster than competition.Med-Fast275°F
SwiftTherm 84659Heat ResistanceTop selling speciality EVA in Ag market. Exceptional hot tack and eat resistance.Very Fast350°F
SwiftTherm 2H882Freezer GradeFast setting, top selling freezer grade.Fast350°F
Swift Therm 8406General PurposeGood adhesion and tack in a high quality EVA based hot melt.Fast350°F
Clean Melt 89103Premium No CharSuperior thermal stability, only low char hot melt in segment. Problem solver.Slow350°F
PHC 7741Better AdhesionFor bonding heavy coated curtain coated wax coated board for protein/agriculture.Slow350°F
Swift Therm 84251General PurposeTop selling, proven performer, most economical for standard coated boxes.Slow350°F
ProductLabel App.DescriptionSubstrates
Clarity HL8128X ZPCut & stack (magazine) or roll fedHigh heat resistance. Works well for spray applicators for the label overlap and for roll on shrink on (ROSO) labels. Ideal for cold & wet containers.PET, Glass, Metal
Clarity PHL4170 ZPCut & stack (magazine) or roll fedHigh hot tack and clean machining. Great for sports drink and juice containers. Film & foam backed labels. Ideal for cold & wet containersPET, Glass, Metal
Clarity PHL4150 ZPCut & stack (magazine) or roll fedExcellent machining, lowest viscosity for ideal performance with spray applications. Versatility with good results on slow or high speed labelers. Ideal for cold & wet containers.PET, Glass, Metal
Clarity PHL4155 ZPCut & stack (magazine) or roll fedBest value in its class. Offers a balance of economic value with high product end use performance. Clean machining, good mileage, and meets drop test standards. Ideal for cold & wet containers.PET, Glass, Metal
ProductLabel App.DescriptionSubstrates
Clarity PHL4162Cut & stack (magazine) or roll fedHigh heat resistance for hot fill applications and ROSO (roll on shrink on) labels.PET, Glass, Metal
Clarity PHL4163Cut & stack (magazine) or roll fedHigh hot tack for a variety of substrates. All-purpose light color, low odor.PET, Glass, Metal
Clarity PHL4165Cut & stack (magazine) or roll fedExcellent machining and robust performance for hot fill applications. Performs on all labeling equipment. Low odor, light color. Good for OPP labels.PET, Glass, Metal
Clarity PHL4157In line or roll fedVersatile use on a wide variety of labelers from high speed to traditional (B&H and Trine labelers). Ideal for film labels and great for hot melt pick up on cans.PET, Glass, Metal
SwiftTherm 5056In line labelersIdeal for hot melt pick on older in-line can labeling machines. Better tack than traditional picketts.Metal
ProductMarketsContainerFiber TearMach Type
SwiftTak PWL 5066Detergents, Cosmetics, Industrial, OilUntreated HDPE & PP Treated Plastic, Coated Glass, Glass2 minRotary, In-line
SwiftTak PWL 5039X1Sauces, CondimentsPET, Treated HDPE, Glass1 minRotary
SwiftTak PWL 5084Beer, White wine, ChampagnePET, Treated HDPE & PP, Coated Glass, Glass4 minRotary, In-line
SwiftTak PWL 5083Sauces, Condiments, Red wine, SpiritsPET, Treated HDPE & PP Coated Glass, Glass5 minRotary, In-line
SwiftTak PWL 5140Beer, Sauces, Condiments, SpiritsPET, Glass, Coated Glass3 minRotary
SwiftTak PWL 5120Beer, Wine, ChampagneGlass3 minRotary
SwiftTak 3715RNWheelPaper to Paper1 min In-line