Potential customers and new users of hot melt glue will commonly contact Astro Packaging all with the same question: How much does your hot melt glue cost?

When you are moving from one glue vendor to another, cost becomes your top concern.  Although the cost of hot melt glue can change depending on the application, Astro Packaging will help explain some hot melt cost drivers.

You the customer are shopping for hot melt glue that not only works properly with your application, but also doesn’t significantly drive up your costs.  At first, this sounds very straightforward but many project specific details are reviewed in order to recommend the right hot melt glue for your packaging application. Each detail may adjust the glue formula and drive cost (up or down).


The Details

An important factor going into choosing the correct hot melt glue is your application.  The substrates you are working with, whether the glue needs to be freezer grade, or whether it needs to be FDA approved for direct or indirect food contact all effects the cost. These details influence each recommendation for your specific application.

Our experienced team reviews and assists with each inquiry to recommend the best glue for your application.  This may require having our team test your substrates on site to better assist you with choosing the correct glue.


Applying the glue


Another important detail to consider is whether you are using the correct equipment to dispense the glue.  Some applications are applied glue from a gun.  Others use larger automated equipment to apply glue for precision and effectiveness.  There are quite a few different machines used in the packaging industry.  For this reason the hot melts we recommend for one machine may very much differ from another.  Each glue is formulated for the specific application and equipment the glue will be applied one.


Ordering your glue

The final cost driver ultimately affecting your cost is order volume.  Astro Packaging is able to offer competitive pricing for larger orders compared to the market.  Our goal is to retain new customers by offering this competitive pricing.

How much does packaging this glue cost?

After reviewing these cost drivers and their effect on cost, you can see that this question is not very easy to answer. Astro Packaging hopes that after reading a little more you can understand the different factors that influence cost.

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