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Everything you need to make your machine perform like new again! 

Astro Packaging’s tank cleaning and service kit includes everything you need to flush and clean your hot melt system to help maximize the performance and lifetime of your equipment – even a 5 g al. sealable bucket for simple disposal! 

Flushing solutions help remove dirt and charred material that can plug nozzles and clog the melters, leading to downtime and poor system performance. Astro Packaging recommends quarterly maintenance programs and should also be done any time there is a change in adhesive material. 


P8200 is a specially formulated product designed to protect hot melt equipment from premature failure. Additionally, P8200 reduces costly downtime by purging unwanted char, as well as degraded and cross-linked adhesive from the entire hot melt system. 

P8200 Prevents:

Char build-up

Nozzle clogs

Erratic pump operation

Sticky Valves

Hose constrictions

Binding of applicator wheels/needles

P8200 Promotes:

Longer machinery life

Less down time

Cleaner hot melt systems

Available in Three Sizes:

1 Gallon

2.5 Gallons

5 Gallons